Moët & Chandon Enter the Chinese Wine Market

People need Champagne for victory, failure or fight, as well as they are happy or sad, when they are alone or in the company, for a tired evening or for a breakfast. You drink not only during celebrating times, it would go well with meals, dinners and also when you are down in the dumps. You could get a bottle of Moët & Chandon custom decorated at Moët shop. With the increasing popularity for sparkling wines, one could plan ahead to get some of the best champagnes in the world, thanks to Moet.

The Chinese consumers have developed a taste for champagne too, and enjoy their week end with refined wine.  Moet wants to grow grapes in Northwest china with farm operator Ningxia Nongken. Thanks to the collaboration of French Moet Hennessy with the agriculture company of China. Moet,(LVMH.PA) the well known champagne maker of the world, has plans to produce bubbly at a winery, in 66-hectare farm.

The Chinese consumer’s love for champagne is steadily growing, with the increase in number for the sparkling wine. Now for Chinese consumers, it has been a phase of education regarding flavours, the matching wine with food and it s price. There is a great perception between sparkling wine and wine.

Spain’s Freixenet a major wine producer has already witnessed a great demand for wine in China. Moet Hennessy’s signature product; Cognac has a major market in China with its expensive alcohol to affordable cognacs.   Those who have not drunk enough Bubbly can quench their thirst with bubbly drink.

Via: Reuters

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