Mini-Film With An Agatha Christie Twist Promotes Charlotte Olympia Shoes

One does not usually associate 20th-century crime fiction writer Agatha Christie with shoes. But, the autumn 2011 shoe collection from Charlotte Olympia have been inspired by the detective fiction writer. Not just that, shoe designer Charlotte Dellal has admitted to being a huge Agatha Christie fan. And to give new expression to her new line of shoes, 29-year-old Dellal has come up with a mini-film where she tells the tale of how her latest collection came to be.

Directed by fashion photographer Jam, the mini-film is entitled To Die For. It is set in an opulent boudoir with English model Portia Freeman playing the heroine, Arlena Stuart Marshall. Marshall is a fictional character from Christie’s 1941 story, Evil Under the Sun. The mini-movie has a very retro feel.

Moreover, it is indicative of how far fashion has come. Runway shows are no longer the only answer for designers who are picking up on new ways to market their wares. Only yesterday, I had written about how veteran designer Johan Lindeberg has set up his new brand BLK DNM’s flagship store online.

As for Dellal’s shoes, they are everything you would expect in an Agatha Christie mystery. From blood red boots to gun and dagger paisley patterns, the Brazillian Dellal’s new shoe collection is attractive and chic, yet playful. There is plenty of colour and different styles are on offer at the designer’s Charlotte Olympia store on Maddox Street. Dellal’s signature club-sandwich soles also make an expected appearance. Prices start from £595 and go up to almost £1,300 for limited editions.

Via: NY Times

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