Meurice Garment Care Goes Online for Cleaning Ties and Scarves

Meurice Garment Care is a 60 year old company and the owners point out that though their basic job is cleaning a garment but their process is different from the others that restore the original quality of the garment. Over the years they have built a reputation for cleaning fine clothing that requires special care. In order to expand their reach they have created an online service to accommodate cleaning orders for ties and scarves.

The clients who log in to their online service will require to register an account, print out a mailing label and and the garment that requires expert cleaning. Each article is assessed at Meurice by experts to determine the fabric content and prescribe the cleaning process and the cleaning solvents to be used. Wayne Edelman, the son of Meurice’s founder and the company’s CEO for the last 20 years believes that cleaning is chemistry and is proud of the fact that he runs the most advanced cleaning plant in the country.

For Meurice Garment Care customer service is priority. They do a lot of routine cleaning. $7 standard men’s dress shirts form a major portion of their work load. But the knowledgeable team of workers at Meurice keep themselves motivated by the challenging tasks they get occasionally. Edelman recounts the case of a vintage bridal restoration. A woman brought in a family heirloom recently. The entire Meurice team got on the job, took the gown apart with great care, cleaned it piece by piece and reconstructed it. The lady was so overwhelmed seeing the new wedding dress, it brought tears to her eyes. It is customer reaction and appreciation like this that keeps the Meurice team going.

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