Meta Luxury: New Book Explores Groundbreaking Concept

Interbrand directors, Manfredi Ricca and Rebecca Robins both have co-written and released a new book “Meta-luxury: Brands and the Culture of Excellence”.  It has been published this month in the USA in which they have introduced a new term “meta-luxury” and have tried to redefine the ultimate true meaning of luxury. They have explored it to be a both business and culture model.

This is a new concept which has been examined by the authors based on rarity, history, focus and craftsmanship. To find out true meaning of luxury and its implications on business and brands, they had a series of conversations with a range of world famous heads of unique brands, academics, excellent artists and master craftsmen and shared their unique views on cultural excellence.

Ricca and Robins, Managing Director of its Milan office and, Interbrand European Director, based in London respectively, argue that luxury is diluted, overstretched and overexposed. The book should be read by owners of brands for its in-depth analysis of strategic and economic dimensions.

Ricca and Robins, have decade’s experience in consulting renowned global brands. The book deals with belief that true luxury is the culture of excellence which will be passed across generations. The meta- luxury disputes normal concepts like profitability, extension, pricing, innovation and craftsmanship hoping to change the attitude on luxury. Interbrand has its consultancy offices in more than twenty six countries. Its world class design, analytics and strategy will assist customers and it is honored worldwide for its best global brand report.

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