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Marylin Monroe Gown to Fetch $2 Million

Marylin Monroe is notorious for her skirt that flew upwards in the movie The Seven Year Itch. Now, you can buy that skirt for a sum of $2 million, and movie memorabilia collectors would soon be able to buy that at an auction for $2 million. Marylin Monroe is notorious for many other things than just that.

Judy Garland’s costume from The Wizard of Oz, Audrey Hepburn’s Ascot dress from My Fair Lady and Julie Andrews’ clothes from The Sound Of Music are some of the other stuff that you could expect to find in the auction and they would all be available at the auction held by Debbie Reynolds. She is selling more than 3500 items next month. Debbie herself is an act6ress and these items and their selling proves that she is running out of cash and is desperate to make some easy bucks.

The Marylin Monroe gown would be the star attraction of the auction and it was designed by Travilla. It is no longer as white as it used to be when Marylin Monroe wore it but it sure could be a great way to tell your friends that you have THE dress. I think it also has a lot of stains, which I suspect could be due to the frequent ejaculations that she was exposed to. Umm, well that is just my theory and if you would like to know whose stains those could be, you might want to read her biography. So go ahead and get this gown. We had also written about Marylin Monroe‘s little black dress and her Pink gown.


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