Marilyn Monroe’s Little Black Dress Fetches $348,000

Glamour was epitomized by Marylin Monroe and even for generations after her, people have copied that look of hers in order to bring in the real classic Hollywood chic and glamour. Madonna, Gwen Stefani and many other celebrities have always tried to find inspiration in the way she dressed and the way she did her make-up. Marilyn Monroe was not just known for her dressing styles, but also for her penchant for good looking men. Rumours have it that if she found a guy attractive, she would never hesitate to kneel down and give a good blow.

Well, apart from crass information like that, here is a great dress that was worn by Marilyn Monroe to a party in 1958. It is a chic black crepe dress that would reveal your bosom thanks to the deep v neck and thanks to the sexy low cut black, you can reveal your awesome skin to those who would want to ogle. However, this dress does come at a price. It would be sold at the PROVENANCE Lot 238, “The Personal Property of Marilyn Monroe,” Christie’s, New York. The dress was featured on the cover page of the book Marilyn Monroe: From Beginning to End by Michael Ventura.

It is not clear what the size f the dress is. However, if Marilyn could wear it, it must fit any petite woman. If you are not petite yourself, you should be hitting the gym, and not browsing the Internet and developing flab! The starting price of the auction is $10,000. The funny thing, and the disappointing thing is that I just noticed it is already sold and fetched an astounding $348,000. Oh, Marilyn, she still rules the roost! Read the Diana Dress Auction.

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