Luzzo Bespoke Releases Executive Desk that Reminds you of Bugatti Racing Cars of 1930s

Automobiles, over the years have served as an inspiration for numerous creations. There have been automobile themed furniture made by several designers where design elements of the automobile has been incorporated in the furniture. There is a new, very high end Executive Desk, inspired by Bugatti that has been created by Luzzo Bespoke. The source of inspiration and style cues is the Bugatti Grand Prix racing cars of the late 1920s and early 1930s. Several design elements of those cars and the process of making a part can be seen in the bespoke desk.

These elements have been used in different forms or scales in the designer desk. There is a drive gear in the desk for adjusting its height according to your convenience. The gear is a scaled up version of the Winfield carburetor synchronization quadrants from a Type 57. The drawer fronts have been designed to resemble the honeycombed grill of the famous cars. Some of the processes used in making the Bugatti Grand Prix car have been used to make the desk. Instead of using cast aluminum parts they have machined them from billet. The rest of the construction has also been made up of aluminum frames clad in riveted aluminum sheet.

What impresses you most about the bespoke desk is the level of detail you can see in every aspect of construction and finish. There have been no cutting corners or compromise in creating a magnificent piece of furniture. The whole process involved a total of 3,000 hours of CAD, machining, polishing, sheet metal work and lacquering. As a cherry on the cake they have incorporated an Apple Mac computer in the desk. It is deployed by a motorized mechanism and disappears in the desk when not in use. The desk with self closing lockable drawers is finished in French racing blue lacquer with a tan leather writing area. It definitely reminds you of a Bugatti and that era. The desk has been priced at £150,000 ($243,425).

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