Last Luxury Dinner of the Titanic Recreated by Cullen’s Restaurant

The last luxury dinner of titanic has been recreated to honor the hundredth anniversary of the sinking titanic by the Cullen’s restaurant . The ten course dinner was served on the ship for first class travelers as the night fell on the deep abyss of Atlantic Ocean. Various events such as exclusive dining events, auctions, took place and a special guest will win the grand meal served at MACY’S table setting and more. You will have the opportunity to take a glimpse at the menu and the exclusive meal will be arranged by the Cullen’s in Houston and costs a customer $12,000. Titanic, the artifact exhibition will be displayed at the Houston museum on 14th April.

The meal will be served on Macy’s table in a very sophisticated atmosphere. The dining area will be suspended in the air from the ceiling of main dining hall. The four hour dinner will be concluded with the same vintage, 1900’s Armagnac brandy which would be served and enjoyed by the passengers. This exclusive hospitality project was conducted by the Executive Chef of Cullen, Paul Lewis. He is the person who respects and appreciates the past things and he also has put his efforts to make the menu suit the contemporary diners.

Cullen’s Chef Paul Lewis will prepare the same first class menu on 14th April 2012, which was served in the first class dining table of Titanic on 14th April 1912.  Each course has included various specialties in French style. The meal starts with appetizers Hors D’oeuvres and ends with cheese (fromage). The fourth course consists of non vegetarian items such as roast lamb, roast duck with mint sauce, sirloin beef with apple puree and pomme chateaux. The ninth course offers desserts like Waldorf Pudding and vanilla ice cream. Cullen’s features handcrafted American cuisine as well.

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