Luxury Apartments in Barcelona

Buying luxury apartments in Barcelona of new construction can be, to this day, an arduous work. During the exhaustive search for our new home we must take into account many aspects, but we will always pay more attention to one: the area.

Best area to buy luxury apartments in Barcelona

Choosing the area that will be the center of our new home is no easy task as we must adjust to the offer and demand of luxury flats in Barcelona offered by real estate companies.

One of the best areas in which we can find luxury apartments for sale in Barcelona is the district of Pedralbes, located in the north of the city. At present, the real estate company Group Casa, has for sale high stand flats in this prestigious area. This new block of luxury apartments is made with modern design, functional and natural light, as it has been designed to maximize the hours of sun.

These luxury apartments in Barcelona have a residential complex. This community space is designed in detail. Leisure areas such as sports equipment, swimming pool and gardens made with high quality materials so that residents and their guests can enjoy these luxury spaces to the fullest. In addition, they are flats with smart home technology, that is to say, they are houses with a system to control the installations of our flat when we are at home or when we are outside of it.

Under the name of One Pedralbes House, this set of luxury apartments in Barcelona is equipped with high security measures and is completely closed so that all residents can feel safe in their home. Without a doubt, if you are looking for luxury apartments in Barcelona of new construction either to make an investment or to create your new home One Pedralbes House is a good option.

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