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1. Luxe Online Channels: Here is where you would nominate the best of the websites, portals and magazines that chronicle and illustrate trends in lifestyle and luxury.
2. Lavish eStores for Him: A place for you to choose the best online stores that sell goods that are uber-luxurious, but targeted at the male consumer.
3. Lavish eStores for Her: You would nominate the best and most luxurious online stores that sell products for your kind of women or girl.
4. Lavish eStores for Us All: Some may refuse to succumb to the dreary gender lines, and thus stick to very few rules regarding gender. Moreover, there are many stores that sell luxury and lifestyle products for both men and women. Do nominate such unisex stores here!
5. Haute Living: This is where you would nominate the best of the online world that is dedicated to fashion, style and glamour. What is the world without a little couture!
6. Bespoke de Luxe: When you are pretty affluent, you would want things done your way. It is true when it comes to products and services as well. Here is where you would nominate who you think provide the best of bespoke services and products.
7. (Tele-Luxe) Luxury on TV: The TV is not far from luxury, and is in fact enabled and maintained by the various TV shows, documentaries, personalities and other domains associated with the medium of television. You choose and nominate who or what you think enables luxury the best on the Telly!
8. Luxury Knock-offs: What’s the point of spending money if you don’t occasionally felt you got a steal? Well, here is where you would nominate the best sites and places to get the most opulent discounts, deals and rebates in the domain of luxury.
9. Haute Brands: Luxury and lifestyle industries are maintained and sustained by the bigwigs of luxury brands. If you are into fashion and wanted to nominate the best fashion brands out there, this is the category you would choose.
10. Tourbillion Times: This is the place where you would nominate the best in the world of time machines. Be it a watch brand, a tourbillion house or a place where the happenings are chronicled, you would choose the best in the world of time telling.
11. Luxury Events. You must have noticed that there are literally hundreds of summits and conferences that acknowledge, celebrate and also enable the existence of luxury lifestyles. You would nominate the best of luxury events here.
12. Luxury 2.0: If you thought social networking is for the masses, you may just be true, considering the number of luxury social networks that have cropped up. Luxury 2.0 is the word to choose if you are nominating sites which are meant only for interaction and meeting HNW individuals.
13. Bijoux and Bling: Here is where you would nominate the best places to check out jewellery, gadgets with a blingy touch and also to bring them home. The word “bijoux” in French means jewels, and has a nice ring to it.
14. Luxury Research: A lot of research too goes in to the field of luxury. Luxury is not just about consuming, but it is an economical and anthropological science. There are researchers who actually are the grey cells of luxury. Perhaps you would want to nominate the best research work, sites that chronicle these researches, and other such white paper elements here.
15. Luxettes: The growth of social media has led to a new class of society, which we would like to term as “Luxettes”. These newcomers or the nouveau riches have enough money for their luxury businesses and are seen everywhere that is assumed to be important.
16. Industry Elan: This is where you would get to propose the machinery behind luxury and lifestyle. The best ad networks, business behind luxury are nominated under this bracket.
17. Cult of Luxury: This is the place to nominate sites and groups that are member based, invitation based or so exclusive that you need to be a person of significant standing to be a part of it.
18. Haute Wheels: If you thought luxury was without the man’s greatest invention, the wheel, then you are wrong. Here is where one would nominate the best cars, vehicles, and automotive brands that rule the luxury automobile world.
19. Haute Wings: It has become increasingly commonplace for people to own their own jets, planes, helicopters and other flying machines. Nominate the best brands, stores and paces where you could buy not just the vehicle with wings, but also its related products and services.
20. Haute Vessels: Here is where you would nominate those decadent makers, advertisers and chroniclers of yachts, boats, super yachts, megayachts and other such water vehicles.
21. Decadent Art: Art must be spent or so an artist said. We would say, spend more on art to keep the artists and the art itself alive! Here is where you would nominate the best places to find, discover and purchase high art.
22. Luxury with Tenderness: Luxury is of course not heartless, and is an extension of charity. Though most would not agree, it is due to the existence of the luxury market that much of the charitable foundations exist today. Nominate here the best charitable stores and luxury bodies associated with luxury and lifestyle here.
23. Deluxe Edition: Now luxury can’t really claim to be exclusive unless it was hard to possess, right? Thus, limited edition products and services have always attracted the luxury connoisseurs. Here is where you would nominate the best places to find such exclusive and rare limited edition works.
24. Luxury Retailers: There are many e-commerce channels which store brands from a variety of domains in luxury. They could have their presence online or at a chic mall in a city like Paris. Wherever the luxury retailer might be, it is your job to nominate who you think is the best luxury retailer!
25. Luxury Byplay: Lifestyle management and luxury consulting has turned into one of the most exclusive and sought after services today, with the nouveau riches and the old rich vying for advices and suggestions related to lifestyle and luxury products and services. Nominate the best of such consultants and managing agencies here!
26. Haute Apps: Luxury mobile applications for the affluent involve those launched by haute brands, stores, retailers, service providers, and stand-alone apps. Nominate what you think is the best app. Of course, you could nominate many apps as well!
27. Estate Hauteur: Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs mentions that shelter is the basic need along with food and clothing. However, we believe that a roof above the head is more of a whim for people into luxury and lifestyle. Here is where you would nominate the best places to find the hottest real estate agencies, properties and estates themselves.
28. Estate Auctions: Most of the times, real estate is dominated by auctions thanks to the thousands of mortgages and otherwise. Auctions could get you some of the best deals in the world, and here is where you would nominate such places where you would find the best auctions for estates.


1. Travel Magazines: Not sure whom to approach or where to seek information about places to visit and go? That is where the travel guides and magazines come handy to use. Nominate the best travel ones here, and perhaps we could all set sail to an exotic location thanks to their info!
2. Concierge de Luxe: You would nominate the best concierge networks or service providers across the hospitality industry for discerning travellers.
3. Hotels Concierge: Hotels offers concierge services too, and if you know of the best hotels that do, here is where you would nominate those lucky ones!
4. Haute Cuisine: What is travel without dining and wine! Here is where you would nominate the best places to eat out around the world, and also the best places to shop for wine, taste wine or even learn a few things about wine making!
5. Cult of Luxury Travel: Many of the travel agencies are member based, invitation based because most elite [people would not like to see regular Joes on their cruise ship or at a resort. Nominate the ones that you think are the most decadent here!
6. Luxury Hotel Networks: The category speaks for itself and it depends on how luxurious and chic a hotel really is, and hotels in the larger network are. So go ahead, and choose the best one!


1. Estate Hauteur: Nominate the best blogs online in 2010 that chronicle real estate developments, deals and properties.
2. Jewels of Time: Choose and nominate the best blogs of 2010 that chronicled the developments in the world of watches and tourbillions.
3. Dolce Vita: Lifestyle and luxury living blogs have been a hit from the time blogging came to be. Choose the best luxury and lifestyle blogs that you think made a difference to the year 2010.
4. Vida la Moda: The blogging world has set the stage for a new beginning in the world of fashion, style and couture. Which blog do you think should be at the top?
5. Bon Voyages: Choose the best blogs and nominate them based on how they chronicle, review or feature travel related information, services, products and even deals!
6. Haute Wheels: Here you would nominate the best blogs that would feature bikes and cars.
7. Decadent Gadgets: Gadgets may not be seen as luxurious by some, but there are hundreds of gadgets that actually make your life luxurious. Choose the blog that you think chronicles these luxe gadgets effectively!
8. Chic Handbags: Handbags have been women’s best friends long before diamonds became so. Nominate the best blogs that feature exclusive handbags.
9. Gorgeous Shoes and Leather: While handbags are exclusively for women, you may want to take a different perspective and nominate a blog that deals with leather and hide. They could be shoes, jackets, wallets or anything related to animal skin and fur. Nominate blogs related to these topics here!
10. Sumptuous Wine: Wine and wine making are some of the most luxurious and languorous activities in the world. Choose and nominate the best websites that feature news, trivia, products and services related to wine and wine making here.
11. Sinful Dining : How much can one spend on food, to make it a luxury? Well nominate the blogs that tell you how to gobble down calories in a decadent manner.
12. Luxe Trends: If you would like to stay in touch with what is happening in the luxury world in terms of business trends, attitudes and moralities, many luxury trends blogs pretty much do that. Nominate the best blogs that feature in this category!
13. Decadent Art: Art blogs are many, but the ones that specifically deal with art that is worth millions or billions of dollars are few. Choose the best blogs among these niche blogs.
14. Classic & Vintage: Retro and vintage blogs not only showcase classic trends, retro fashion, steampunk and other ancient-style products, customizations and trends, but also inspire you to go back and regress to a glorious era. Choose the best blogs for this genre!
15. Effete Antiques: Antiques are not really vintage pieces, but specific goods and products that a history behind them, which are compelling. Blogs related to antiques could be nominated under this category.
16. Haute Vessels: Here is where you would nominate blogs dedicated to yachts, boats, submarines, superyachts and megayachts.
17. Haute Wings: Blogs related to airplanes, jets, helicopters and other flying machines would be listed here.
18. Luxury marketing: Blogs that are dedicated to advertising, marketing and the business behind luxury and lifestyle could be nominated under this category.


1. Decadent PR: Here is where you would nominate the best PR people who bring luxury to the mainstream and social media.
2. Luxe in Words: Nominate your favourite luxury writers, journalists and authors!
3. Luxe Travel Writers: Nominate your favourite luxury travel writers and travel journalists, who make travelling possible from your arm chair.
4. Effete Reviewers: Here is where you would nominate people who review decadent gadgets, services, and products all of which would be related to luxury or fashion.
5. Haute Consultants: Nominate the best luxury consultants who may make that luxurious purchase a more informed decision.
6. Dolce Vita Experts: Dolce Vita in Italian means “sweet life”, or in other words luxurious lifestyles and thus you would nominate who knows how to live that ideal life and how they teach you to live that way.
7. Chic Hotel Experts: Hotel experts may be nominated under this section.
8. Haute Travel Agents: The most popular travel agents who deals with luxury properties may be nominated under this section.
9. Marketers of Sin: Marketing luxury is usually viewed with suspicion, that it may encourage sin. Thus those involved with marketing luxury brands and products may be viewed with awe. Here is where you would nominate your favourite marketers of sin.
10. Decadent Researchers: Luxury research has come a long way, and there are actually “luxury scholars” who create papers that predict and answers questions about the dynamics of lifestyle, luxury and their participants. Choose and nominate the best of these luxury researchers.
11. Luxury Authors: There are several book authors who have written both fiction and non-fiction books related to luxury. Nominate the ones you love the most here.
12. Digital Brand Managers: Nominate the ones that actually create the luxury brand image.
13. Travel Honchos: Nominate the experts of travel and tourism, and let the world know what they think about the places to visit and how best to visit.
14. Culinary legends: A list of luxury related people wouldn’t be complete without a list of the top chefs. Here is where you would nominate the best chefs!

Luxury Leaders

Here is where you would list local honchos and bigwigs who create, enable and sustain luxury in the following regions. Choose the region you want to, and nominate the local luxury leader!

1. China
2. US
3. UK
4. Europe
5. India
6. Russia
7. Japan
8. South America
9. Rest of the world

Social Media

Social media has changed the way we consume, enable and sustain luxury. It has catapulted the industry to a phenomenal level. Here are some of the most active social media experts who have made it possible for the rest of us to understand the dynamics of luxury, lifestyle and affluence as and when they happen.

1. Decadent Travel Twitterers: One who is engaged tweeting travel related stuff
2. Dolce Vita Twitterers: One who is engaged tweeting lifestyle related stuff
3. Chic Hotel Twitterers: One who tweets on Hotel industry
4. Uber Luxury Twitterers: One who tweets on luxury as a whole
5. LinkdedIn Dolce Vita Group: Luxury Lifestyle groups in LinkedIn
6. LinkedIn Decadent Travel Group: Luxury Travel groups in LinkedIn
7. LinkedIn Estate Hauteur Group: Luxury Real Estate groups in LinkedIn
8. LinkedIn Uber-Luxury Networking Groups: General Luxury and Networking groups in LinkedIn
9. LinkedIn Decadent Tycoons: Famous Tycoons on LinkedIn
10. Chic Travel FB Groups: Travel related FaceBook groups
11. Haute Estate FB Groups: Real Estate related FaceBook groups
12. Dolce Vita FB Groups: Lifestyle related FaceBook groups

So go ahead, choose your nominees carefully and make sure they represent what they are being nominated for! And yeah, wait for the results by 28 February 2011.