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2010 has been a long and dreary year for many, but the luxury scene did see some respite after a few years of doom and gloom. It is perhaps the right time to introduce a new online event which would document, and chronicle the most important trend setting entities in the world of luxury and lifestyle. Luxury has always been associated with sin, decadence and of course, the filthy rich.

If you have studied philosophy ever, you would be familiar with the Master-Slave Morality, which was the central theme of Friedrich Nietzsche. We refuse to acknowledge either the Master Morality or the Slave Morality, and choose to indulge in what gives us pleasure, joy and sensual enjoyment.

Thus, a hedonistic approach with a tinge of innocence and vulnerability is what I would say, LuXplosion is all about! LuXplosion 2010 is an initiative that reaches out to the trend setters of luxury and lifestyle, what the Italians call “Dolce Vita”. We aim to identify and recognize the best of the lot in the luxury niche.

LuXplosion 2010 would focus on Luxury Lifestyle, Luxury Travel, Luxury Blogs, Luxury Social Media, People and Luxury Leaders, which are again sub-divided into categories with pretentious names.

Now, there is a reason behind these pretentious and snobbish names to the sub-categories: People have always assumed luxury as something foreign. And when it does appear foreign, luxury is scoffed at, and mocked at and termed as a sin. Honestly, we do not understand why luxury needs to be understood by everyone, and that is where our innocence lies.

It is with this exclusivity and innocence, vulnerability to criticism and a sense of vanity, and finally a sense of disillusionment with the moralities that govern the world for and against luxury that we decided to plunge in head on into the world of all things that are creme de la creme.

Now, enough said about what we think of luxury, and why we think it is as important and as natural as breathing is to us. We would want you to choose your nominees for the sub-categories mentioned below across five key categories. These sub-categories would include all that would come under the umbrella of high living.

The nominations can be done through 1 December 2010 -25 January 2011. Our team of experts together with editorial squad would pick TOP 5 nominations across each sub category. These TOP 5 entries would then be available to our savvy readers to vote for the final winner. Final winner across each sub category will be featured on 28 February 2011.

Now, all you would need to do is, spend a little time familiarising yourselves with the sub-categories and start nominating the best of 2010!