Luxe Tablet Gets Reprieve in Dusseldorf

Duesseldorf regional court recently had granted Apple Inc an injunction on infringement lawsuit, with the ban of sale of galaxy tab 10.1 of Samsung in Europe. Apple accused Samsung that it had copied iPhone and its iPad designs for its mobile phones. Samsung has been allowed to sell its Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Europe, German court has lifted ban on android-powered tablet which was requested by Apple. The temporary easing of the injunction given for time being appears to be associated with legal issue. It is not known that whether German court has authority over the continent in its ability to make rules.

Samsung appear to be disappointed when its sale of Tab10.1 in Europe was banned on the basis that it had imitated intellectual property of Apple. The Duesseldorf regional court has taken back the ban as its authority limited to Germany, so the ban is lifted at present outside Germany as Samsung is Korean based. Samsung is now a little relieved of legal development and happy over the win.

The device of Samsung operates on android system which is accepted fact that they are accomplished competitor to iPad of Apple. Galaxy Tabs has not been launched earlier by Samsung in Australia with the lawsuit of Apple. Samsung and Apple in many places have filed cases against each other accusing patent infringements and also copying designs, even in Australia and the United States. Apple’s legal battle had started in April in the US with argument that Samsung devices were the imitation of Apple’s iPad and iPhone. So this is one more battle regarding the same problem.




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