Luxe Estate: ‘Allen Island’ goes Up for Sale for $13.5 Million

The property namely ‘Allen Island’ measuring about 292 acres belongs to Paul Allen who is none other than the co-founder of Microsoft. He now intends to dispose it off for $13.5 million as per latest announcement on Aug 24th 2011. The island is situated at the south west of Washington. There is a wooden structure may be considered as a farm house for vacationing. This was bought by Paul Allen some time during 1992. In fact during 2005 he tried to dispose it off for $25 million. But he had failed to find any buyer. Since then it remained with Allen.

This island also has privacy like any other private islands in comparison. This is not a remote place and lies between Burrows bay and Rosario Strait surrounded by the grand view of Olympic Mountains, strait Juan de Fuca, the approach distance between this property and the main island is very short, easily accessible in a short time. This helps during emergency situations like natural calamities.

Now coming to the details of the interior the land is well developed for vegetation surrounded by green lush, separate facilities for staff to live. For travelling purpose, there is an air strip and a dock. The island becomes a very good asset for any interested prosperous buyer. The value of any island always appreciates in future. This is a very good opportunity for any genuine buyer. Further there is vast scope for developing it into a season’s health resort establishing hotels, restaurants. It can be made to attract travel and tourism.

Via: Examiner

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