Lufthansa Airlines Announces Chef Toni Robertson’s Menu on Business Class Flights

Lufthansa Airlines, one of the leading airlines of the world recently announced its next chef would be Mandarin Oriental’s former lead Chef of Asiate restaurant. Chef Toni Robertson will select Lufthansa menus for its First and Business class flights from the US to Germany. Chef Toni Robertson would be in charge of what you are served with in March and April, and the details of the delicious menu of business class goes as follows.

The growing influence of Asian cuisines is more than apparent in the menu. Sometimes you will be wondering whether it is mainly an Asian or largely American menu, or a blend of both? Asian cuisine in particular is a new dining experience and mixing Asian flavours and ingredients with traditionally American dishes can be a great idea. The cuisine developer, Chef Robertson has used subtle flavours of Asia to please consumer’s palates. The four course-first class menu is offered by the chef featuring three starters including Beet Ravioli stuffed with Creamy Goat Cheese, Grilled Shrimp with Horseradish Chili Sauce and four entrees. Be ready to have a bunch of small plates including Oxtail Bread Pudding, Beef Tenderloin along with Shiitake Mushrooms, Poached Lobster Tail and Claw served with Butternut Squash and Simmered Mushrooms. The menu completes with Milk Chocolate with Coconut Bread and Lime Tart with Strawberry which are perfect and inventive with great taste.

The three course menu is a great enjoyable eating experience for the passengers of Business Class. Good service coupled with Tuna with Leaf of Mizuna, and Split Pea salad with Chicken complements the Plume Chutney.  Starters such Cod with Soba Noodles and dressing of Ginger Soy Dressing and Bean Sprouts are flavorful and Semolina Potato along with Crème Sauce of Tomato is an interesting choice for entrees. Business clients can indulge in desserts that are extraordinary in taste, such as Cheese Cake with Compote of Raspberry. So go ahead and get a mouthful!

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