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Lovers’ Boxes Uses Digital Technology to put the Spark Back in a Relationship

You would be amazed to see that even technology can be very romantic if used properly. In this digital age text messaging has killed the romance out of sweet nothings. Researchers from Newcastle University have created digital “Lovers’ Boxes” that enable couples to record romantic messages for each other. They are actual boxes made from four different woods – cherry, beech, apple and walnut. These digital lovers’ boxes integrate the latest technology that helps couples record loving messages for each other and hope to put the spark back into relationships. this is another product to rival the musical table.

The boxes have been designed to look like jewelry boxes. There are two sections to a box that is connected by brass hinges and decorated with ornate carvings. Both the sections together hide a computer with an integrated RFID reader. The access to the box is restricted and can be opened with an RFID tagged key that goes into a keyhole designed to resemble an antique. None of the equipment used is visible and to make the screen look romantic and match the overall antique look has been framed in an oval shape.

The RFID tag triggers a pre-recorded video message stored within the box every time you open it with the key. Anja Thieme who was the leader of the team working on this project believes the use of a physical key to open the box is important as it gives the feeling of keeping the personal messages between partners private and treasured. The messages can be personalized and the box can be programmed to play the message at a particular time and particular date. The researchers working on this project found that participants were using the box as reflective keepsakes or digital storybooks of meaningful experiences within their relationships. Digital gadgets can also be used to enrich our personal lives.

Via: news.discovery, tagdaily

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