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Louis Vuitton MP3 Player Is Great for the Musically Chic

A cool new MP3 player called PlayButton has been launched by Louis Vuitton’s menswear designer Kim Jones, which lets you groove to the beat as you move. The small collectible designer device is created under a joint venture with Kim Jones, the director of Vuitton men’s ready-to-wear style  and VERBAL, the creative director of Reebok Asia and co-founder of Ambush Designs. It features LV logos and a playlist of 10 tunes for spring/summer 2012 collection on items like scarves, t-shirts and more.  The Verbal x Kim Jones Louis Vuitton Playbutton is imited to 30 units of tiny gadgets. They are packaged in an attractive gift box for the new issue of Vogue Hommes Japan. The design of the device is very simple and comes with play/pause, skip and volume controls that can be adjusted.

The Verbal x Kim Jones Louis Vuitton Playbutton uses lithium battery for its power which can be recharged. It uses Ogg which is under open source and can extensively be used without restriction. It is a new way to promote growing number of music and artists as well as distributors.  The music format cannot be erased or rearranged. As it is a limited edition, you could hurry up to wear music on your designer clothes.


Buttonplayer might be as popular and essential as cufflinks buttons. The audio player comes with ten songs chosen personally by both Kim and Verbal, and have been put in the playlist, which can neither be deleted, added or rearranged. The circular MP3 music player is decorated with Ambush logo in colors such as blue, red, black and white.




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