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Lotte Duty Free Celebrates 30th Anniversary in Korea

Lotte Duty Free is South Korea’s leading travel retailer and it is continuing with a celebration of its 30th anniversary. Lotte World, Lotte Jeju, Lotte Jeju Airport, Lotte Busan, Lotte Gimhae Airport, Lotte Incheon Airport, (flagship Lotte Duty Free Shop and a related lobby shop at nearby Hotel Lotte and 2 internet stores are what Lotte owns in Korea.

Now, the company knows that they have almost 50% of the duty free market in South Korea, and in order to celebrate their success, they are now celebrating their 30th anniversary. They started out as a small company in 1980, and they have been seeing success until now. They also own world’s leading travel companies and all these make the company a lucrative one.

It would be interesting to see how the next few years would unfold for them, and see if there is going to be anymore growth in the future. They have also seen a number of firsts, and one of the more interesting first is that Lotte was the first duty free retailer to open French luxury brand Louis Vuitton. Now, it would be a great thing to buy Louis Vuitton in a duty free shop, wouldn’t it be? I am sure it would be!

Via: Moodie Report

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