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Leonardo Di Caprio signed book given away by Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer as part of their special ‘Odyssey of Pioneers’ tour are driving a their special branded electric sports care from Europe through Asia. The cool offer is that the winner can also win a book signed by Leonardo DiCaprio. A 150th Anniversary compendium of the brad and its accomplishments the book is a special offer.

The best part is that Leo has signed two of the books and he is the official Tag Heuer brand ambassador. The giveaway is scheduled to be held on Tag Heuer’s Facebook page and you can access on that facebook page to get more details. The giveaway ends on July 3rd, 2010.

The book is a story of speed, of the hunt for speed of catching time and of mastering time. It is also a story of TAG Heuer, the legendary time brand. Edouard Heuer was the founder of the destiny and the man became a team which is a passionate team.

The countries that can participate are Philippines, Spain, Japan, Singapore, South Africa, Brazil, Australia, Italy, Greece, Turkey, United States, United Kingdom, Pakistan, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Mexico etc and the participants should be at least 18 years of age.

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