Largest Indoor Golf Venue, Now in UK!!

If you are looking for class, luxury & a bit of sporting twist in the tale, your search ends at the “Urban Golf”- UK’s largest indoor golf venue! Urban Golf brings with a contemporary British charm & yet the excitement of the urban charm. In the moribund city life of London, it is indispensable to crave for a casual meeting or just relax whilst working on the game. Hence, Urban Golf serves as a perfect place to be at ease with yourself or either just have a get together with friends or a quiet evening with loved ones.

The concept has been inspired by the English country house style and exclusive gentlemen clubs. The work is done by the British architects, Squire and Partners. The ambience provides the comfort of the old classic style with the amenities and flare of today’s discerning urban guest. Squire and Partners collaborated with Brazilian illustrator Eduardo Recife and Mammal Design to bring life to the interior walls with Victorian inspired wallpaper that unfolds classic golf imagery.

The richly layered murals feature Edwardian and Victorian golf imagery that make any visitor look closer into the graphic narratives. The mix of classic style and dynamic illustrations make this venture an exciting environment to be a part of. Eduardo Recife’s work and style truly engages the excitement of the sport in an urban environment.

Via Yatzer

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