Lanvin Unveils Swarovski Crystal-embellished Straw Hat

Summer is close by, and it is soon the time when we must take out our hats to protect ourselves from the blistering heat. The sun is going to shine as if it intends to burn everyone on the ground. However, you can burn in style, by picking up a stylish hat, like the one that has been unveiled by Lanvin. It has recently launched a straw hat, that comes with the chic Swarovski crystal-embellished safety pin.

It is intended to bring back the vintage style and would keep you looking cool through the searing sun of May and June. The hat costs $945 and is one of the best things to purchase if you have the money to do so. It reminds me of those belle dames who used to wear chic hats in the streets of Paris, and wait for those haute officers returning from the war.

Those really were the times when people knew how to live in luxury and style. Comforts of modern life might have sobered down people and that is perhaps why we do not see the elegance of those days. Nevertheless, you could go ahead, and buy one of these designer hats, and stay pretty cool as well. Check out the Fury Hats as well.

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