La Perla and Swarovski Come Together to Create a Special Line of Intimate Wear

Swarovski has established itself as the providers of bling for anything and everything. Swarovski crystals are the easiest and most convenient way of embellishing anything including electronic gadgets. The crystals always add that extra bit of glamour and exclusiveness to a product. The fashion industry, I am sure, cannot even imagine an existence without Swarovski Crystals. In fact they come in very handy when you can’t think of anything else. La Perla, the French luxury fashion house is the latest example.

La Perla has tied up with Swarovski Crystals for an exclusive range of intimate wear. The designers of the lingerie and the team from Swarovski have done their best to make the limited edition creations more appealing and luxurious. The designers have set the crystals in geometric patterns that enhance the beauty of the crystals. Silk and tulle has been used lavishly for the limited edition using a technique called ‘soutache’ that gives the lingerie a unique look.

La Pearla in the recent times has gone in for several collaborations. They have teamed up with other designers and fashion and jewelry brands. The most recent example has been the collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier which resulted in a couture collection of inner wear. And now they have teamed up with Swarovski and their division Swarovski Elements has worked closely with the luxury fashion hose to create the limited edition La Perla Crystal. The exclusive line of luxury lingerie is available in various colors and the matching tones of crystals. They are available in white, black, petrol green, burgundy and blue.

Via: moda.pourfemme

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