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Kunde Family Estate Introduces Wine Tours For Wine Enthusiasts And Their Canine Companions

One of the most well renowned wineries in California, the Kunde Family Estate has now announced an all new wine tour package, that would not only give the visitors a time of their lives, but will also let them bring their beloved pet dogs to the wineries. The entire tour will be conducted by Mr. Jeff Kunde, who is a fourth generation winegrower. The entire package has been designed to provide the visitors with an in depth look into the wine making process, all the while ensuring a moderately strenuous hike for their dogs as well.

The tour organized by the Kunde Family Estate will Sonoma Valley floor and will take the visitors almost 1,400 feet up to the Mayacamas Mountain range. The entire hike is marked with breathtaking scenery and dotted with various flora and fauna of the region. The tour will give the visitors a rare insight into the techniques of wine making as employed by the Kunde Family Estate. Furthermore, the tour will conclude with a wine tasting session along with a Wine Country Box Lunch overlooking the Sonoma Valley. The 2010 ECO-TOUR DOG HIKE from Kunde Family Estate will carry a price tag of $45 per person and will also include a water bar and treats for the canine participants.

Sonoma Valley is known to be the birthplace of the wine industry in California and is more affectionately called as ‘The Valley of the Moon’. Then entire region is marked with some the finest wineries in the country and as of recently, these wineries in the Sonoma Valley have gained protection by the laws rendered by the US federal government’s Sonoma Valley and Carneros AVAs program.

Via Kunde Family Estate

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