Keef Smashed Electric Guitar Coffee Table Rocks

Art can take a number of forms and one of them is when music is integrated in to any of the number of art pieces that are sold to the affluent. If you were wondering which art piece I am talking about, you might want to learn about the Chris Chappell’s glass and steel coffee table. The wonderful coffee table comes embedded with a keef smashed electric guitar.

This is surely the kind of furniture that a person who is totally into music would love to play. Chris apparently is the kind of person who likes to take up challenging roles and also make sure that art never fails to impress the rich. He has learned the art of Acr Weld, which is to make sure that coffee tables such as this are handled well. This rocking coffee table would be a great asset to those who love music and also to those who love coffee.

It can be one of the coolest things to buy if you have the kind of money that they are talking about, If you looked at the table, it almost feels like a shattered guitar is lying below the table hanging in the air. Such a magical illusion can only be created by someone special like Chris. The price of this table is quite high. It costs a whopping $4000. However, it is not very expensive either so go ahead and buy it!

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