Karin Fainas Unveils Luxury Kennels for Dogs that Cost $21,000

Karin Fainas has created a range of grand kennels which are similar to the expensive urban houses along with canopy bed. The owner of the dog could purchase designer residence which would cost $21,000. Ms Fainas has introduced a range of velvet canapé bed which is retailed at $17,000 and a collection of bowls which are gold guilt costing $ 14,000.Canine shelter is our obligation which should be properly built for the winter. The unparallel dedication to man with its adaptation and interaction with humans as loyal companions are enough to give dogs the title as man’s best friend.

The basic requirements of a dog are physical cleanliness, appropriate healthy food, fresh water, dry and warm shelter, proper identification, basic training, and medical care. Playful, positive interaction is very essential for dogs with humans. Pampering your pet is definitely enjoyable, as well as professional pet grooming also one of responsibilities of owners. You must take the doggie to experienced staffs that take care of grooming with high-quality shampoos and conditioners, blow dry, trim, and groom your pet with great care. Healthy, shiny fur makes the dog look great and smell pleasant.

Often you must take the dog to the spas and hotels where it could get heated pool, and a workout room with treadmills, a decor with doggie prints and televisions equipped with DVDs. The former jeweller has unveiled a collection of supplies forpet owners. You could visit her site for information about dog jewellery designs, buying tips etc. All products are of limited numbers and it could be personalised according to the pet names.

Via: Swellpets

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