Joseph Company International to Launch West Coast Chill in Self Chilling Cans

The concept of a self chilling can has been around for years now. Top beverages companies including Pepsi Cola were working on the technology and trying to adapt it for use. They were about to implement it in 1998 but had to put it on hold because the HFC134A they proposed to use was a greenhouse gas-contributing refrigerant in the Tetrafluoroethane family and hence created environmental concerns. Miller Beer was another company also had similar plans since long. But finally it is another company that is actually coming out with self chilling cans for its beverage.

Joseph Company International will be launching its West Coast Chill all-natural energy drink in its patented self chilling cans. In order to activate the chilling mechanism of the can, the user has to simply press a tab on top of the can and the temperature of the liquid in the can will decrease by 30ºF within three minutes. In this new technology the harmful refrigerant has been replaced by activated carbon derived from organic renewable vegetable materials, and carbon dioxide reclaimed from the atmosphere.

The details of the technology and how exactly it works has not been revealed as yet. What has been conveyed so far is that the cooling process doesn’t require any energy source and is not detrimental to the environment in any way. The concept and the technology is very different from the IC Can that Miller was trying to develop for its beer. The roll out of the West Coast Chill is expected to start soon. The distribution will start from selected stores in Southern California and Las Vegas. The beverage in a self chilling can has been priced at $2.95 each. The company will also provide recycle bins so that the cooling mechanisms can be retrieved and reused in future.

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