Jeremy Kipnis Creates a $6 Million Home Entertainment System

Jeremy Kipnis is a music engineer, producer, classical music lover. He has created what is being touted as the “best home entertainment system in the world”. It comes with at least 94 components and some of the features include devices for viewing picture elements, external players, surround processing and decoding, amplification and sound speakers. This shows that he takes his job seriously and cannot get away from work even when he is not working!

While he could be just obsessed with his work and trying to create a record of sorts, it also reminds me about a guy who worked a lot because he wanted to avoid getting cosy with his wife. Oh well, that’s a different story altogether! Meanwhile Jeremy seems to be an interesting guy, who has taken extra pains to create the home entertainment system.

I am sure after completing this record work, he was trifle disappointed for most people who create record create them for the thrill of doing it. After the record has been made, they are left with a sense of nothingness and emptiness which most people who do not create records do not understand. Yet again, that is a different story altogether! He spent $6 million on this. He sure earns a lot.

Via: World’s Biggests

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