J.Crew Finally Opens A Wedding Boutique Store In Upscale New York City

One of the most famous clothes designers in the U.S, J.Crew, which is well renowned for its incredible wedding dresses has finally opened its very own wedding boutique in New York City. Located at the up scale Madison Avenue, this all new wedding boutique will not only provide the consumers with gorgeous, well tailored suits and dresses, but will also be offering personalized wedding services, including a wedding specialist, who would in fact be taking care of all things fashion for the entire wedding party and the honeymoon.

The dresses at the J.Crew Wedding Boutique are made from some of the most exquisite materials including silk taffeta, tulle, and silk organza etc and are carefully tailored to match the expectations of the consumers. The wedding dresses from J.Crew range from $295 to $3,500 and the suits as well as tuxedoes range from $98 (for pants) and $198 (for a suit jacket) to $195 (for pants) and $475 (for a tuxedo jacket).


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