Islamic Hijri Mechanical Clock Ready for Global Launch for 9.5 Million Dirhams

A  Swiss watch company Parmigiani, a known and respected name in the field of haute horlogerie has created a Hergirian mechanical continuous calendar. It is only one of its kind in the world and could be developed only after many years of research. The prototype clock was unveiled at the Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi by Parmigiani’s top officials. The clock has been priced at a rather steep 9.5 million Dirhams.

Michel Parmigiani, the president of the company said that the Arabian Peninsula was the right place for the premier of the clock as the project was dedicated to the Muslim community. Everything about the clock had to be developed from scratch as the Islamic Hijri calendar year is shorter than Gregorian with only 354 or 355 days in a year. The clock apart from indicating the hours and minutes had to adapt with precision the moon phases.

It took twenty years to develop this algorithm. Even the prototype took four years to make as every element had to be manufactured internally. Now the clock is ready for a global launch at the Geneva Time Exhibition which is scheduled this month. Only s few pieces of this very expensive clock will be made in a year and Parmigiani will be selective in determining who can purchase this unique luxury object; the client will have to have culture and taste, not just enough money.

Via: worldtempus

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