iPad Applications Make Sales Process Easier for the Automobile Industry

New technology or product if used innovatively can make a process more effective and efficient. Apple Computer’s iPad tablet computer is being adapted by luxury brands for their retail sales, delivery, service, and finance operations. Acura has developed an iPad application to help dealership staff speed up the selling process. It provides quick videos to help make the sale. The app will be online in January.

The app is a great help for the salesman in explaining things one can’t see. It is a tool to assist the sales process and not take it over. There are applications being developed for the finance as well as service departments. Audi has already developed an iPad application for the A8 flagship, which goes on sale Nov. 17. Special iPad areas have been set up in 115 Audi dealerships, alongside the paint and leather samples.

It is an ideal tool to walk a customer through a car’s features. Audi expects to use the iPad for other applications, such as syncing a mobile device with the car and optimizing the car’s entertainment system. Audi plans to create similar applications for other models as well. Hyundai gives away an iPad as owner’s manual with every Equus luxury sedan.

Via: reviews.cnet

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