Intersect by Lexus, the Luxury Lifestyle Accessories Store by the Brand to Open in Tokyo

Lexus is working towards consolidating its position as a luxury car brand and is launching its own luxury lifestyle accessories line. The stores selling exclusive items will be called ‘Intersect by Lexus’ and have been designed to provide a new retail experience. The concept in itself is not new as notable luxury car brands like Mercedes, BMW and Bentley have made similar initiatives to help in their brand building exercise. Though the stores will carry the Lexus name they will not retail any car accessories but will focus on luxury lifestyle accessories. The stores will be positioned as an all-in-one shopping destination for high-quality, hand-crafted designer products.

Most of the Products Specifically Designed and Crafted for Lexus

Many of the products on offer will be specifically designed and crafted for Intersect by Lexus and will also carry the ‘Crafted for Lexus’ branding. The first of the Intersect by Lexus store will be opening later this month in Tokyo. Two other stores have also been planned for this year in New York City and Dubai. Each of the stores will have exclusive items that will showcase the local craftsmanship and materials. The highlight of the Tokyo store will be a minimalist LED desk light priced at $400, a hand-sewn tablet cover that will cost you $286 and above all a drip coffeemaker and cup set handmade from the ash of Japan’s Sakurajima volcano with a price tag of only $133.

The First Intersect by Lexus Store in Tokyo

Lexus has Developed an Independent Premium Identity

These are exclusive items that cannot be found anywhere else. Great care has been taken in crafting each item and all of them are fine examples of the best of Japanese craftsmanship and materials. They represent the motto of Lexus as a brand. The brand always strives to be the best in its category. The brand represents luxury, both in performance and comfort. Their cars have created a niche for itself across the world and have become a serious player in the luxury car market. Toyota caters to the mass market for cars but Lexus has developed a separate identity for itself and their new initiative in the field of exclusive luxury retail will go a long way in enhancing the image of the brand. It is initiatives like this that help create the right customer perception of a brand.

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