International Herald Tribune’s Luxury Business Conference in London Draws the Bigwigs of the Industry

Luxury to many of us isn’t an option, but a necessity and a way of life. For some of us, it could even be a profession! With the luxury market growing by leaps and bounds in spite of the economic issues and international politics, it has come to a point where luxury is not seen as a decadent evil, but as a large hearted industry that enables materialism and also drive money towards charity.

Thus, it has turned into a win win situation for those concerned with luxury, and those who need money desperately. With t6ht in mind, International Herald Tribune will hold its Luxury Business Conference in London this year.

The annual program attracts some of the bigwigs of the luxury and fashion industries. The conference would be hosted by the IHT’s world renowned Fashion Editor, Suzy Menkes. It is going to be one of the most glittering events, with more than 450 international delegates descending upon the venue from more than 35 countries. The event was held in Berlin last year, and the very decision to host the program in London shows that the British capital is anything but cash strapped.

Some of the highlights of the events are “Dancing with History” hosted by Suzy Menkes, “Reinterpreting Heritage for a Digital Age” and “Authentic Heritage: Forever Now”. Suzy Menkes recently wrote on New York Times that heritage and luxury might be closely related, but to give up modernity and futurism for the sake of classicism, or to just disregard golden heritage for the sake of being modern doesn’t work.

Like Goethe mentions, it is better to walk the middle path develop luxury for the future from elements from the past. Meanwhile, you could also follow various Twitterers who have been following the build up to the event like The Moment, Business of Fashion, Oli Walsh, IHT Conference, Menkes’ Article, and Luxe Chronicles. You could also follow Heritagelux. This is one helluva event you can’t afford to miss if you are into luxury!

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