Imperia Magnum is the Ultimate Luxury Offering by Russian Standard Vodka

Russian vodka is appreciated the world over and there is a definite demand for the fine spirit from a segment of the consumers that wants the best. Russian Standard Vodka, one of the premier producers of vodka in Russia has a portfolio of premium brands of fine spirit. They have recently announced the launch of its luxury brand Imperia Magnum 175cl in a limited-edition luxury set for selected duty free and travel retail locations.

Imperia is being hailed as the ultimate luxury offering by the Russian producer. No doubt, it is the best Russian Standard has produced so far. To create Imperia, Russian Standard has gone back to the 1894 Mendeleev standard of vodka. It is said to be the official vodka recipe decreed by Czar Alexander III. Imperia Magnum has been packaged as a set in a custom made protective crimson chest containing three exclusive shot glasses. The ultra premium vodka is being offered in a limited edition and only 100 boxes are being made available for the time being.

Imperia Magnum in exclusive boxes will be available in select duty free outlets around the world. It has been priced at €149. The luxury set is already available at Dubai, Hong Kong and at the three Moscow airports: Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo. Walter Kooijman of Russian Standard Vodka International is confident about the success of their new luxury offering. They have positioned the set as the perfect gift. The segment of consumers they are targeting believe in the culture of gifting and the set, no doubt, makes a unique luxurious gift, particularly if you love fine spirits. Russian Standard is already planning a new limited edition release later in the year, planning for which is in an advanced stage.

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