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Hugo Boss Releases Limited Edition Golden Jeans under Boss Selection for Spring

You keep seeing standard but popular gadgets getting the golden treatment by designers in order to make a standard everyday use product look more distinctive and glamorous. You regularly see blinged versions of iPhones and iPads which have elements of precious metals like silver, gold and platinum and even crystals and gemstones. High fashion couture also makes use of these elements to take the dress to another level. But it is for the first time that we are seeing cotton jeans getting the golden treatment.

Hugo Boss, the German based brand has taken the initiative to transform the jeans into a golden apparel. The brand has a high end extension called the Boss Selection and the new jeans has been developed for it as it caters to the upscale clientele. The new jeans has been released in limited edition along with their collection for spring. Real gold has been infused in the jeans at the weaving stage itself to give the fabric the glow that comes from the precious metal.

It is not one of those creations where gold is used just for the sake of using an expensive material. It has been used in a very subtle way and is not showy at all. Gold plated fibers have been woven into the fabric. It has been treated with a transparent laminate to retain their sheen, and value, even after multiple washings. The Jeans are designed in a classic five-pocket silhouette. Elements of gold have been used for the back-pocket embroidery, attached key ring, and embossed leather waist label. Only 300 pairs of the limited edition creation will be released worldwide and made available to the consumers against special order channelized through the Boss stores. You can visit their site for more information. The Jeans have been priced at $895.

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