Huang Yimin Attracts Wealthy Chinese to Hunt in Africa

Huang Yimin, is the first individual to invest his petrochemical industries’ fortune to own an island this week. He got the lease of fifty years from Government for £340,000. He has invested already on 200 acre Danshanmen island to turn it into a game reserve with barking deer, pheasant and wild boar.

Chinese who are interested in hunting an animal can pay one hundred and twenty yuan to enter the island, and one hundred yuan to be paid to hire a rifle, and ten yuan for each bullet to fire. They have bought from hunter’s wild ducks, hundreds of wild boar, barking deer from hunters. During peak seasons about hundreds of businessmen and young men will be guided by the professionals ensuring the safety, entertainment and excitement.  Hunters also should not break the laws of place. Within a short period there are about two hundred hunting clubs for the pleasure seekers of the countryside. Government allows legally hunting fourteen animal species. The tourists will be provided by the live weapon to fire.

Now a days wealthy Chinese indulge in search of bigger game travel to Africa. The visitors usually would be in their late thirties experience fun and excitement. The price list includes hunting a white spotted dear, a wild boar, a wolf and peacock would cost 16,000, 3,000, 1,000, and 5,000 yuan respectively. Usually Chinese take away their hunted animal and eat them. Now the hottest trend of Chinese billionaire Huang has been trying his hands to invest in Iceland for an eco friendly resort project.



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