House of Sillage Announces Rare Fragrance Tiara

Tiara from the house of Sillage is created with unique ingredients which evoke feminine sensuality. The bright limited edition of the fragrance has captured the sophistication and essence of luxury. The marvelous bottle is covered with 491 Swarovski crystals, and each of the bottles is created by the collaboration between master craftsmen and specialists. The timeless and beautiful bottles are symbols of the art form. It is really a work of art with all those Swarovski stones. The bottle almost looks like the most expensive fragrance to buy.

The house of  Sillage incorporates essential oils such as Virginian cedar oil peony, and Bulgarian rose oil. It empowers each woman with notes of cinnamon from Sri Lanka; tangerine musk of Calabrian with undertones of amber, musk and Madagscan vanilla to give a delicate scent. The packaging gives a regal aura with a unique and exciting new scent within. The fragrance is both magnetic and subtle which reaches the wearer’s body and mind, then reaches out to others. There are four hundred bottles made available worldwide and each bottle is priced at $1,200.

It is said that one can relate one’s memories with the fragrance. Scents have the power of uplifting moods and spirit. A good fragrance also inspires others and creates a positive mood. The brilliant scent in sensational bottles embellished with grand Swarovski stones is the creation of those people who have devoted their lives collecting rare components from exotic locales. For more information you can pay a visit to the website. I would say, this perfume is one of the best buys!

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