HOMMAGE Atelier by Julien Farel Is a Great Male-only Spa

HOMMAGE Atelier by Julien Farel is one of the best men’s grooming spots for shaves, haircuts and more in New York. It is a bespoke grooming enclave designed exclusively for men with equipped with skincare products, shaving accoutrement and razors focusing on relieving fatigue and stress and to promote physical and mental confidence. The philosophy of the mission is a revolutionary masculine approach that recharges men’s confidence and pride.

HOMMAGE offers bespoke spa experience for the daily ritual in modern, masculine environments. A team of experts deliver innovative performance with products and treatments to enhance a man’s well being. The grooming salon features a range of products,   one-way mirrors, LED TV, glass-encased fireplace, black leather chrome armchairs, and dark timber flooring.  Before your treatment you will be given a robe and a pair of slippers to wear and your jacket and shoes will be whisked away to get pressed or get shined. Your gadgets and belongings will be kept in electronically-equipped drawers. You leave the place as a new person.

Services range from acupressure massage, black silt masks, black diamond exfoliation, barber cuts, beard trims and straight razor shaves. You will get a hand and foot grooming including forearms and wrists as well as shoulder and neck rubs and waxing. Now you’re ready to conquer the world again! A puffy face immediately will be corrected with a system of lymphatic drainage.

Acupressure massages is another reinvigorating technique. Each service is delivered according to individual preferences and needs. The black diamond exfoliation treatment costs $125, the cost of haircuts will be between $120 and $650 depending on the stylist and a back wax costs $100.

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