Homemade Soaps Bring Back the Allure of a Decadent and Langorous Bath

If once you use homemade soaps with essential oils, you would never wish to buy commercialized soap bars ever again. The five oz handmade soap bars could be recommended for those who have acne and oily skin. It has therepeutic ingredients like lemon essential oil, tea tree oil, olive oil calendula petals and glycerin. The refreshing note of lemon aroma would leave you fragrant after a shower.

Tea tree oil is a well known antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal and germicide. Lemon oil is known for its astringent and detoxifying nature, and is recommended for oily skin. Calendula petals and olive oil are well known for their therapeutic and moisturizing properties. Commercial soaps use petroleum derivatives and detergents they are harmful to your skin and alter natural ph level. The artisan’s handmade bars produced in small scale are usually quality conscious and would be gentle on the skin.

Many people are allergic to commercial products and it is always better to use homemade soaps, lotions, moisturizers cleansers, astringents etc. The process of  manufacturing non-commercialized, handmade soaps includes starting with a coconut glycerin base and blending it with unrefined oils and organic butters to enrich the soap bars that would eventually leave you nourished.

Preservatives, animal products, chemical additives are not added in the base, which would make it an almost ethical product which would not only clean your body, but would also leave you with a clean conscience. It would cost $4.99 USD. These cute bars are eco friendly, vegan, and animal friendly, petroleum free as well as synthetic free. Go ahead and enjoy your shower!

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