HiCan: A High-Tech Bed to Wish You Good Night Sleep

How much do you value your sleep? There is a new high-tech bed that is hoping you would do everything in the name of good night sleep, including paying $30,000 for a bed. The HiCan is a smart bed branded as the “world’s most revolutionary bed” in the industry. It is also currently the most expensive bed on the market.


Hi-Interiors, an Italian-based company founded by Gianni and Ivan Tallarico described their flagship product as “a technological cocoon designed by dreamers for dreamers.” The new high-tech bed is designed with both luxury and technology in mind. The HiCan team created the bed the same way Tesla did to cars, Apple with Phones. Now, a new bed that offers a high-tech solution to sleeping problems and can fit into any homes and hotels has been developed.
The new HiCan canopy bed offers a multitude of features including an automated privacy blind, adjustable head and footrest, configurable touch board with sensors embedded in the headboard. There are also speakers, HD projector, an integrated Xbox or Playstation gaming and Apple TV. And yes, the clearest Wi-Fi connection to keep you connected even when asleep.

The 21st-century bed was first introduced in 2008, back then it is already a bed worth the cost. Today, the HiCan bed is the most advanced piece of furniture conceived because of its built-in integrated entertainment system. The best thing about the state of the art entertainment system is the ease of using the integrated application that is available on tablets, smartphones, and computers. Additionally, the customization of the application system brings a more pleasurable experience to the users.

There are so many good reasons to buy the hi-tech bed. The only thing that prevents a buyer from buying the bed is the exorbitant price tag. Luckily, the creators understand the problem, and it is why they are turning to Indiegogo to push forward the innovation through a crowdfunding campaign. With the funding campaign, the HiCan team can make the bed accessible to people who can’t afford to buy one. The HiCan test campaign gives potential buyers and anyone interested in the revolutionary bed a chance to sleep on it. For only $400 a night, you can have a good night sleep.

At the time this article is written, the company has already raised over 80 percent of the crowdfunding goal with a month still left in the HiCan campaign.

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