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Find the HemLoft Egg and get lost in Wilderness

Children always dream of having their own little secret room perched on a tree. Living up in a treehouse has always been a fascinating idea not only to the young ones but also their older counterparts.  For years, treehouses have been built either for safety purposes or simply for the joy of living amidst nature. Treehouses have served as Bed and Breakfasts and have also been luxury like in the case of Mirrorcube treehouse.  This tree hotel from Tham and Videgard is available in the US and can be installed at your desired location.

Unlike regular treehouses, the HemLoft egg shaped treehouse promises you an enchanting experience. Hiding in the woods of Whistler in the Canadian province of British Columbia, there’s something very secretive about this treehouse built by Ex-Software Engineer, Joel Allen. Its very clandestine location (if you intend to visit this place you will actually have to find it!) and the interesting story behind its coming into being lend an entirely magical aura to this place. Built around a tree, Joel is considering the thought of granting public access to this treehouse, either by turning into a camping site or by making it the subject of a treasure hunt story.

HemLoft and its Charming Story of Construction

Joel Allen’s secret desire to be a carpenter was bolstered by a hippie! While paying a visit the Hills Garlic Festival, Joel happen to bump into the very mystical Old Man John who inspired him to take on carpentry as a profession.  And thus begam Joel’s foray in the world of carpentry. His first project, a shed which he made for his parents, was completed in a week. The shed, neat and gleaming, took a serious toll on his health and he was down and under for a year with a Corporal Tunnel Syndrome. Well, there was no stopping Noel and he took on his second project which was on the construction team of a million dollar home over looking the Whistler’s Alta lake.

Despite two great projects, Joel still believed that he had not yet created magic in wood. While on a road trip to Alaska with friends and architecture grads Mark and Jayne, Joel decided on his new project – a treehouse.  It was Jayne’s idea to give it the shape of an egg and Joel described that as a “moment of cosmic brilliance”. Once back from their trip, the trio once again set out to find their perfect tree. Away from urban sounds and activities, somewhere near a river and a great view was what was going to be the idyllic location for Joel’s treehouse. After trotting around for two months he finally found what he was looking for in the woods surrounding Whistler.

It was the sun lit moss covered at the top that became his first attraction. The view from the top was breathtaking and now there was no stopping Joel from building his dream work of art in wood. The treehouse stands on Crown land which is the property of the Commonwealth. Little did Joel know about this when he first started construction. Storms, encounters with bears and lack of proper tools hindered his work at regular intervals of time. Undeterred, Joel continued and the egg began to take shape when he had built the floor, the scaffold and the structural ribs. What followed these months of hardwork, was an interlude of romance. Joel met Heidi, a mountaineer, and fell in love. Together they decided to complete this project by summer. When financial constrains were preventing them from buying the remaining material Craigslists came to the rescue and Joel and Heide got their uninterrupted and free supply of materials from them.

As summer was gradually approaching, the HemLoft began to take shape as glass windows were installed and sliding door fitted. It was complete in July and its first occupants became Joel and Heidi who had an idyllic experience. The HemLoft was not a secret for long after they submitted the HemLoft to the Dwell Magazine.

We may not know what awaits the HemLoft but we surely are awaiting a turn to experience the magic that is this divine egg shaped treehouse!

Via Gizmag

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