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Heaven Gold Pen Is the World's Most Expensive at $1 Million

If you were wondering how best to squander all your wealth, one of the ways is to buy a pen. While I don’t really get the idea of spending a fortune on pens in order to squander away wealth, there are many people in this world who think it is an amazing idea to do so. There is this Heaven Gold Pen, designed by Anita Tan which costs nearly $1 million.

Now, with a million bucks, you could buy an apartment in London or even in Paris, though they might just be studio apartments. I guess not everyone worries about a roof above the head like I do, and would rather spend money on gold pens like this one here called the Heaven Gold Pen, designed by Anita Tan. It is also being touted as the first pen which is designed by a woman for women. The pen comes with 161 brilliant colour diamonds and 43 carats Tsavorite gemstones.

The Tsavorite is estimated to be 2 billion years old and the pen itself is made in pink gold, which would make sure that you look all girly and pink. The pen could be a way of saying that you don’t really much, and when you do write, it costs a lot. That means, your writing is priceless, and probably you are the kind of person who just has to sign, and the signature would deliver millions of bucks. The writers who write books would dislike you for this. So, go ahead, and get this for yourself. Do check out , and tibaldi pens.

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