Have fun like the girls at Sex and the City’s movie locations!

We all loved the four women from Sex and the City. They were smart, beautiful and so much fun to to watch. After the sitcome got over, came the movie and after its succes , its second instalment is on its way. Yes, the much awaited Sex and the City 2 will hit the theatres on May 27. Book your tickets in advance girls!

But apart from watching the movie, some really hardcore fans would love to see the locations as well; places where the movie scenes were shot. This time around it might be a bit difficult as some of the scenes wre shot in far off locations such as Morocco. But worry not. The girls had fun in their beloved town as well. A small scene was shot at the gorgeous Hotel Plaza Athenee, located at Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Let me refresh your memory. In the first movie, Mr. Big had built Carrie, an unbelievable walk in closet. Remember? Well, for the second movie, the crew shot an apartment scene on one of the balconies of the hotel; Suite 1501. Considering how lovely the entire hotel is, it is not surprising to see Hollywood coming here.

But the glitz and glamour of Hollywood doesn’t come cheap. The Suite 1501 can be booked for $2,200 per night! For those who do not have that kinda dough can head over to the Bar Seine, where a part of the second last espisode was shot, and enjoy their signature drink, the Crystal Cosmopolitan.

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