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Harlan Goldstein Announces the Opening of His Second Restaurant in HK

Harlan Goldstein is the proud owner of Tuscany by H and his culinary delights are far-flung, to extend his services to the people of HK he will be opening another landmark restaurant called Gold by Harlan Goldstein.

This restaurant will be located on Wyndham Street in Hong Kong and this much celebrated chef promises to put in the same amount of time and effort, I wonder how is that going to happen! His current restaurant consumes 15 hours everyday and if he had chosen to shuffle between the two places he would not have even got enough time to tie his laces, so he decided to shut down his earlier establishment.

This new restaurant will be opening in November and the chef has set gold as its theme and the food will have an essence of the lower east side of New York. This historic chef will be putting his heart and soul into this restaurant to make the most of the new market that he will be venturing in.

via: luxury-insider

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