Gucci Guilty Pour Homme is the Fragrance for the Modern Contemporary Man

Gucci Guilty Pour Homme is the award winning contemporary aromatic fougere fragrance. Frida Giannini, the Creative Director of Gucci explains that the Gucci Guilty Man has been visualized as a risk taker who is seeking thrill all the time. However, he is always sensitive to a woman’s desires. In fact he is an embodiment of these desires. All the men would want to be like him and the women would want to belong to him. If you are the master of your own destiny and very much do as you please then Gucci Guilty Pour Homme is the fragrance for you.

Gucci, the Italian fashion house has become synonymous with luxury and they normally stretch the definition of luxury to decadence. Gucci stuck to its luxury guns even through the tough times brought on by the economic crisis. They did not dilute their philosophy to address a wider customer base. Gold and other precious metals are found throughout its clothing, shoes and accessories. Gucci Guilty Pour Homme takes that tradition forward and could turn out to be a milestone. Like all the other great men’s fragrances the Guilty Man is also an aromatic fougere or cologne that incorporates lavender and woodsy notes.

The luxury fragrance comes packaged in a gun metal gray bottle with anthracite glass. The sleek and modern looking bottle complements the flashy gold package of Gucci’s women’s fragrance. The new fragrance is backed by a grand marketing initiative. Actor Chris Evans is the face of the new fragrance. He is a young star who has an important film Captain America coming up. He is the perfect fit for the fragrance as he is young and dashing and a fresh face that appeals to a broad demographic. He is not so well known that people are tired of seeing his face everywhere. The marketing team believes that he is the Gucci Guilty man. The fragrance retails for $57 and is available nationwide.


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