Grieb & Benzinger Customized Masterpiece Watches

If you visit Grieb & Benzinger online site you can get more information about services and the brand that offers personalized masterpieces. The customers of Grieb & Benzinger are also unique as their watches who could afford their high end watches all over the world. Some of them enjoy visiting the workshop in Southern Germany to know about the historical background and production and share their passion for watches.

The gorgeous customized masterpiece watches created by Grieb & Benzinger draw a lot of attention by its customers. The luxury timepieces are coveted b   y collectors due to its combination of old world engraving with rich artistic antiquity resulting in original luxurious watches. Even in the computer controlled age, the brand has not lost its real craftsmanship with old techniques like hand engraving, skeletonization and guilloche create master pieces with passion and soul.

Hermann Grieb being a restoration expert of vintage watches and clocks knows very well selection of vintage movements with rarities and mechanisms like split seconds, chronographs, chronographs, minute repeaters with many complications in one base movement. Grieb can restore, reconstruct and repair century’s old clocks with classic machinery and tools. He works as a consultant to auction houses for historic watches and clocks.

Jochen Benzinger as traditional engraver developed perfect old decoration and production methods using hand engraving, hand guilloche, and hand skeletonization for which there is no place in modern computer controlled production. The company offers two lines of watches, one platinum watches and the other Boutique line with popular pocket watch calibers. The Boutique line collection is of classic styles with technical modifications and Sterling Silver dials as in Regulator Pharos and Polaris. They work with new rare watches that are produced about ten pieces per year. Boutique line comes in white gold, and rose gold as well as soon in steel also. The starting price of watches in gold cost about $42,500.

More complicated watches will be built 5-6 pieces per year. Starting price of watches in solid platinum will cost upto $850,000. They have created first Grieb & Benzinger Tourbillon, the movement of which will help them in future in introducing visible Tourbillion to the public by 2013.

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