Gothic and Rock n’ Roll Jewels Invade the Luxury Space

Michael Spirito is a fashion trend setter for celebrities and stylists who won the Gen Art Design Vision Award in 2001 for his debuted collections. By mixing gold and silver metals, he creates handmade and unique celebrity jewels in his Manhattan studio. Michael has been working since 12 years in this field and his store called “Exhibitionist” is situated in the Lower East Side of Manhattan and is a haven for fashion conscious people who would like to use and own the jewels, in particular the collection of Spirito.

The exclusively special jewelry pieces are affordable and is a great choice for those who would love to adorn themselves with artistic creations. The rock inspired Spirito was created in collaboration with a New York based jeweler. The collaboration resulted in a mass marketing venture.

The collection called Rock & Redemption was launched across the country in 200 Sears’s stores. The celebrities, especially Rihanna and Gwen Stefani have been spotted with Spiritos gorgeous collections. The collection takes inspiration from Goth, and Rock n Roll. Gwen Stefani, Beyonce, Adam Lambert are some of the celebrities who are his loyal fans.

You will get the most of them online at around $60 to $139.

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