GoldMax USA to Open More Stores in Florida

Gold max spokesperson, Robin Leach’s who is known for his campaign “Turn your jewelry box into your own personal ATM at GoldMax ” is the inspiration for customers and plays an active part to achieve the great success of the company GoldMax USA. They are the leaders in buying collectibles, antiques, gold and silver expanding a chain of stores. The company has announced today that they are extending their market in Orlando Florida with three stores. In Florida itself the company surpassed 25 stores and more than two hundred nationwide. Goldmax will open its new stores at 1120 E. in Clermont, 601N, Orlando Avenue in winter park, and 3635 Aloma Avenue, in Oviedo. Within next two months GoldMax is planning to open stores in Brookville and Springhill area.

The founders of GoldMax are ambitious to open about forty stores by the end of this year. Always the price of gold sets high record and most people want to dispose of their unwanted, unused and broken jewelry piece of silver and gold to get in return cash. GoldMax will purchase earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, platinum, silver, gold (any karat), candlesticks tea sets, sterling silver flatware, broken jewelry, coins, watches and charms.

The company has the honor of paying fair value for collectibles, jewelry and gold. The customers come with useless jewelry and happily go back with cash. They are aggressively committed to expand their brand. The company is hopeful to open more than hundred stores this year from coast to coast which create more job opportunities for people to trade with gold and silver for cash. The Goldmax goal is to become number one gold buyer from customers in the world.

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