Golden Dreams Creates the Most Exclusive and Luxurious Collection of iPhone 5

Luxury is all about exclusivity but you can’t decide against buying an iPhone 5 just because millions of others are also going to buy it. We have seen examples of lavish cases that add luxury and exclusivity to your phone. But a Geneva based luxury company called Golden Dreams has reengineered the phone to a certain extent to make it more beautiful, luxurious and exclusive. The company has unveiled the world’s most exclusive and luxurious iPhone 5 collection. They have a client base of high net-worth individuals and to come up to their discerning tastes they have fused precious metal with precious leather with some very refined craftsmanship.

Desert Edition has Mississippi Alligator on the Back

The collection consists of two different editions, namely the Desert Edition and the 24ct Gold Edition. The collection is a fine example of the Swiss traditional craftsmanship skills. Golden Dreams are the first to create a leather covered iPhone 5. The Desert Edition features certified Mississippi Alligator back. The team at Golden Dreams must be congratulated for adding the sumptuous leather without increasing the overall thickness of the phone. Their R&D team actually re-engineered the back of the phone using cutting-edge Swiss Micro engineering to maintain the thickness of the phone. The leather is incredible to touch and really beautiful to look at.

The 24ct Gold Edition Boasts of a Sparkling Mirror Back

The Desert Edition phones are available in a range of leather colors and there is one to suit every individual taste. In addition there is an option of choosing either a 24ct gold rim or black chrome rim. The 24ct Gold Edition boasts of a sparkling mirror back. It back is covered with some of the finest metal and has been polished to an extent that it reflects like a mirror. It is available in white and black with 24ct gold plating. It makes more sense to transform your regular phone into an extraordinary phone as opposed to putting your ordinary phone in an extraordinary case. Get the world’s first leather covered iPhone 5 and you will have one of the most exclusive phones in the world.

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