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Gold Restaurant by Dolce & Gabbana: A Hospitality Marvel or a Fashion Faux-pas?

Gold Restaurant is symbol of wealth and glamour, rich taste with interior decor was opened last October by Dolce & Gabbana in Milan. True to its name there is a lot of gold details.It looks like a beautiful architectural creation that could be one of its kind in the world. The restaurant features a bistro, new multipurpose bar, restaurant, and nightclub. It would be real experience to eat in the restaurant of a fashion designer. The Italian designer is known for their sexy designer clothes, and the restaurant serves the best international gourmet food with well planned furnishing and ergonomic comforts.

The menu consists of Italian cuisine which is classically prepared in traditional Mediterranean style using the best ingredients. There is a stunning range of refreshments. The interior decoration has the details of gold, metallic, mirrors, and marble. You could take food packed in chic little gold doggie bags and boxes. You can enjoy Mediterranean menu in a small shop and wine in an informal restaurant on the ground floor. You can relax and rejoice in D&G’s cocktail bar and coffee room. The dining place upstairs is ornately decorated where you could relax at the lounge bar. In D&G Gold 202 people can be served at a time.

If tourists happen to be in Milan, they could contact through e-mail address [email protected] to confirm reservation. The restaurant will not be opened on Sundays. Dolce & gabbana must perhaps think more about designing clothes than hotels. If they plan to go the Armani way, we shall soon be seeing them all turning into restauranteers and serving food and drinks, instead of making us dress well.


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