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Glam Media Creates New Team to Offer Global Advertising Solutions

Glam Media has a large portfolio of websites that have 197 million unique users worldwide. It is the leading vertical media company with the #1 global reach for women online. In order to manage the online advertising better across the entire portfolio of websites Glam Media is opening a premium brand sales team based out of its international headquarters in London. The team will be responsible for developing and managing campaigns for international brands.

Isabelle Sommet and Candace Droz who will serve as Co-Directors of International Sales, will head the new division. Glam Media has opened its International Headquarters in London this January. The objective is to drive the company’s worldwide business expansion. The company currently has international offices in the UK, France, Germany and Japan with additional sales operations in Australia, Brazil, and South Korea. Glam Media Labs, based in Pune, India, supports Glam Media global ad operations and R&D.

The new team has been formed as a response to increased demand from multinational advertisers, particularly premium brands, for integrated, global advertising solutions. The international sales team will be responsible for leveraging existing advertiser relationships or establishing new ones where required. Glam Media already works with many premium beauty, fashion and FMCG brands across multiple countries.


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