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Gisele Bundchen Is the World’s First Billionaire Supermodel

According to Forbes, Gisele Bundchen is going to be the world’s first billionaire model. She was named as the highest earning model and the first woman to earn the fortune in millions, from endorsement deals, modeling work and design work.  In addition to campaigns for Italian fashion brand she has made millions by selling pairs of her flip-flops. She is expected to amass a fortune of ten-figure by summer 2012, after the expansion of various industries.

Forbes reports that her Versace contracts with footwear and Dior, lingerie, eco-friendly skincare products of last year, and after becoming the face of a hair care brand she was able to earn $45 millions. It is assumed that her managing cash, with smart investments and wise spending all added up  to the amassing of wealth. It is estimated over the last ten years of earning would be $250 million. According to Forbes, with her fortune she would be the first model billionaire, the richest supermodel in the world. She has appeared on the covers of most of the fashion magazines for the Italian brand and Swedish high street brands.

In spite of natural fair for volley ball game, she decided to make name in the field of modeling. She is a Brazilian model, goodwill ambassador for the UN Environment Programming in 1990’s, occasional film actress, and the highest-paid model in the world. She has created awareness for environmental issues throughout the world. Her motto is everybody should strive to make the Earth more beautiful and healthy. Well, she sure has a healthy bank account!

Via: Pursuitist

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